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How about a distal occlusion? The patient was initially symptomatic but symptoms improved or mostly resolved.

Do you order any imaging beforehand? Are there other studies that you order?  

How does pravastatin differ in advantage from other high-intensity statins?

Do we prophylactically place patients on anticoagulation after one episode? Besides MRI/MRV brain, are there other diagnostic imaging that should b...

For patients clinically presenting with Transient Global Amnesia and no other focal neurologic deficits, do you always pursue work up to rule out stro...

What is the cost and accessibility of CYP2C19 gene testing? Does the limited availability of rapid genotyping techniques limit the clinical applicabil...

How do you plan to incorporate the results of the CHANCE-2 trial (Wang et al., PMID 34708996) in your own practice?

Do you distinguish between primary and secondary prevention? Wilson et al., PMID 31130428 is helpful, but curious how people apply this data in practi...

In the setting of no personal or family history and no other risk factors for thrombosis, is systemic anticoagulation warranted if local treatments (e...

While some have the practice of 90 days per SAMMPRIS, the lower rates of ischemic stroke in the medical therapy group were driven by events within the...

How do you approach secondary stroke prevention for patients with ischemic stroke, atrial fibrillation, and signs of cerebral amyloid angiopathy/micro...

In what clinical scenario would you refer a patient for embolization? Are there any contraindications? 

It seems clear that longer monitoring yields more AF detected. What is less clear to me is whether all ILR-detected AF is relevant and merits anticoag...

What is the best way to determine if patients with new PCA territory infarct can drive? Upon discharge from the hospital, do you routinely refer them ...

How would you treat patients with symptoms of AIS who have an allergic reaction to TPA with no evidence of large vessel occlusion on imaging? What nex...

For a relatively young, medically compliant patient with HFrEF (EF<35%) and h/o embolic stroke, what is the consensus of starting AC for secondary ...

For patients with ischemic stroke status-post decompressive hemi-craniectomy, when should they start aspirin for secondary stroke prevention? POD 5? P...

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