Testicular Cancer   

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If no testicular mass on exam or ultrasound - is there a role for orchiectomy? What chemotherapy regimen would you use and how many cycles?

Are there any chemotherapy regimens that can be used in elderly patients with poor PS who are not candidate for BEP?

An ASCO 2020 poster from the German Testicular Cancer Study Group found that 37% of CSIS seminoma and nonseminoma were miscatagorized resulting in ina...

Should treatment be based on current histology (rhabdomyosarcoma) or origin (germ cell)?

There are conflicting reports of increased incidence of bleomycin-induced lung toxicity with G-CSF.

i.e. gross disease on scans that is too diffuse to be removed completely and/or decreasing but not normal markers Do you pursue close surveillance, s...

How do you assess risk of tumor lysis syndrome, and is hydration sufficient or should hypouricemic agents be used as well?

In a patient s/p orchiectomy and with pelvic lymphadenopathy, would you consider lymph node biopsy to confirm involvement by non-seminomatous germ cel...

When are you concerned for a false positive? FDA guidelines include a suggestion to try another assay in case heterophile antibodies are causing a fal...

Would a history of prior vasectomy in a stage IIA seminoma be an indication to include the inguinal nodes in the RT treatment field?

Is there any advantage to primary RT as opposed to just orchiectomy? Additionally, in order to confirm Tis, a biopsy is required, which is typica...

The Chung validation study did not find that size > 4cm or rete testis invasion are risk factors for relapse and the current NCCN guideline discour...

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