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In clinical practice, consolidation chemotherapy is sometimes used, though this was not implemented in the PACIFIC trial. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.go...

The EGFR subgroup appeared not have benefited as much as other patients in the publication. However, recently it was reported that the PACIFIC study m...

No other site of metastatic disease. It is unclear if this situation should be managed as two separate primaries or metastatic disease.

Do your recommendations differ if patients are pre or postmenopausal given the data?

Patients are understandably concerned about the risks and benefits of radiation to an oozing, bleeding, ulcerated breast.  

When would you favor delivering local therapy (e.g. SBRT) prior to systemic therapy?

Would you treat this as a locally advanced breast cancer and offer surgery, radiation, and systemic therapy? Does your management change depending on ...

These patients have been largely excluded from these trials.  What if the infection is well controlled?

This is in regards to the risk of secondary cancers after radiation therapy or cytotoxic chemotherapy (such as anthracyclines) in an immunosuppre...

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