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When using short course RT, the NCCN guidelines currently recommend short course RT followed by chemotherapy, followed by surgery. Many surgeons are h...

Would you consider treating 3-5mm lesions with SBRT or wait until they are a certain size? I am concerned I will not be able to see them adequately on...

Based on the UK OnCoRe matched cohort analysis, would you offer a watch-and-wait approach off protocol or are you uncomfortable treatin...

Does it ever differ from a standard rectal field? For example, do you always treat the entire rectum, mesorectum, and entire length of internal iliac ...

Is MRI being considered the primary mode of imaging in multidisciplinary tumor boards, especially in light of the results of the MERCURY trial (JCO 20...

Would taking the drug at a specific time point prior to their radiation appointment time to maximize blood levels of the drug be clinically beneficial...

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