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Is there evidence that supports/refutes the safety of concurrent use?

How should they be prioritized? V10, V12, mean brain dose, prior WB radiation? To what extent should tumor coverage, conformality and homogeneity be c...

This has become standard practice at our institution for patients with a good performance status, with whole brain radiotherapy given after the comple...

Can SRS or whole brain radiotherapy be reserved for progression in these young, healthy patients?

Do you modify your dose/fractionation depending on the amount of prior intrathecal therapy?

There are solid data from Emory, Korea and others suggesting that is as effective as single fraction SRS but has less complications. 

The 2014 "Choosing Wisely" list, released this past September, includes the assertion that we should not "routinely add adjuvant whole brain radiation...

Some medical oncologists tend to hold anticoagulation in patients who develop brain metastases for fear of causing intracranial hemorrhage.  Is t...

What are the best options to treat a patient with brain metastasis confined to the posterior fossa if the patient is young, has a favorable cancer, gr...

Based on recent ASTRO data, what is your selection criteria and size cutoffs?

In patients with contraindications to receiving an MRI scan, are other imaging modalities sufficient to treat patients with SRS?

In a patient with multiple brain metastases from NSCLC, is this reasonable?

The most frequent argument against whole brain RT is debilitating toxicity. However, I am having a hard time finding the most evidence based data on h...

While the Duke randomized study found similar rates of control with 1mm v. 3mm margins and higher radionecrosis with 3mm, it did not look at treating ...

The retrospective series quote a local control rate of 85-90% at one year and the current NCCN guidelines list this as an option following surgery for...

It is my impression that for brain metastases >3 cm it may be preferable to deliver fractionated SRT versus the RTOG dose of 15 Gy SRS, if WBRT is ...

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