Rheumatoid Arthritis   

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Recent articles regarding the use of JAK-Inhibition in RA have suggested to avoid in patients with increased CV risk.  However, RA itself is cons...

For example, would it be appropriate to consider JAK inhibitor therapy as preferable to TNF-alpha inhibitor in patients with heart failure with reduce...

Hepatitis screening labs revealing Hep B ag and core positivity with positive PCR

How does a diagnosis of active RA inform your treatment approach for patients with breast cancer, if at all? 

Would you change the treatment to rituxan or continue orencia with regular dermatology follow up?

Would you discontinue Methotrexate and TNF inhibitors even if previously no side effects from these medications, and would you consider Cyclophosphami...

Would you use immunosuppression in patients several years after curative treatment for melanoma?

Does Quantiferon gold replace the need for baseline chest x-ray screen? 

Giving "rescue therapy" to patients in the combination group implies that there is room to escalate to the dose at enrollment. 

Withdrawal of methotrexate may lead to more disease flares and lack of recoverability with other TNF inhibitors.

Usual clinical practice is to add TNFi once methotrexate monotherapy has failed. If this is the case in these patients, it would seem to increase the ...

While classically described as seen in seropositive patients, have they been reported in seronegative RA?

Specifically: starting dose, rapidity of up-titration, frequency of lab monitoring, frequency of office visits, and timing of assessment for treatment...

Reduced requirements for documentation by CMS in 2021 with respect to billing and coding have raised new questions about what aspects of physician exa...

Due to the shortage of rheumatologists, primary care physicians may need to manage some rheumatologic issues.

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