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For a patient receiving 16 mg/day, it is frequently prescribed as 4 mg q 6 hrs.  This results in the patient being awoken at night, when sleep di...

Have you found any of the more common medical treatments (chlorpromazine, baclofen) to be most effective in the setting of throacic radiation or head ...

I know many centers are exercising extra precautions in light of the new concerns with coronavirus. How are people explaining things to their patients...

In treating skin cancers of the scalp,  are there any specific constraints you give to the skin itself to prevent alopecia?  How does changi...

What is the appropriate timing and what factors do you consider when making such a recommendation?

For instance, should post-operative radiation therapy be offered a patient with a 4 cm malar SCCA, resected with negative margins, no PNI, and a compl...

Are there certain cases or body sites where you feel daily CBCT is adequate?

How long is too long to resume SBRT, and would you increase doses? Is there a number of elapsed days that would cause you to abort completion of SBRT?

Are you doing more TNT to prolong time to surgery? If so, do are you starting with CRT or chemotherapy?

Dose is change based off of the radiation toxicity, such as poor wound healing vs radiation proctitis? What is the minimum amount of time that you wou...

How would you approach a patient who is receiving chemoRT but has confirmed COVID-19 with minor symptoms, as breaking treatment for 2 weeks quarantine...

Are your practices adjusting priorities at this time? If so, what adjustments are you making? If not, do you have metrics in place that will tell you ...

This question has come up most frequently with respect to the flu vaccine recently. Also, frequently this has been asked about the shingles vaccine an...

If you do rechallenge is there anything that can be done to prevent the recall reaction from happening again?

Would this location be adequate for SABR, if so what dose scheduling would be recommended?

Does it matter if it's within the treatment area (such as breast cellulitis in a breast patient or a UTI in a pelvic RT patient) or outside the treatm...

Do you look at max dose or are there specific volumetric constraints you use for the small or large bowel? 

There have been case series published on this topic (most recently, PMID:26853347) with reported depigmentation within the RT treatment field.

Would you consider treating 3-5mm lesions with SBRT or wait until they are a certain size? I am concerned I will not be able to see them adequately on...

Do you use a different set of dose constraints for situations requiring treating much of the pelvis, e.g. rectal cancer, versus partial pelvis, e.g. a...

In a patient being treated with a palliative course of radiation for a bony metastasis from lung cancer is it safe to start immunotherapy for POD or w...

For a Stage III NSCLC looking to do definitive chemoRT who required IVIG and high-dose prednisone for paraneoplastic myopathy (mimicking dermatomyosit...

How long do you advise them to refrain from unprotected sex following RT? I was trained to discuss these issues with patients but the gonada...

Apart from H&N SCC, are there times where adding an extra dose of radiation due to a tx break is appropriate?  Is there a decent equatio...

It seems that we have increasingly been seeing younger patients with breast and rectal cancers.  What rates of radiation-caused secondary maligna...

Do you refer all patients who are felt to be at high risk to a genetic counselor for testing or are you comfortable performing a MyRisk panel in your ...

Is there evidence of decreased toxicity in the lung, brain, pelvis, breast or abdomen with 1.8 Gy fractions to justify longer treatment schedules or w...

There is some data that suggests PSA and EBV can flare early in radiation therapy treatment courses in prostate and nasopharyngeal patients, respectiv...

For example, would you counsel against breast conserving therapy for a woman exposed to fallout from the Chernobyl disaster or a downwinder?

We often counsel patients that they shouldn't take very high doses of antioxidants but taking a daily multivitamin with antioxidants is OK. Do you thi...

If a holiday falls during the week do you treat all patients, a select subset of patients (i.e. cervix, head and neck) or give everyone the ...

Do you routinely ask all women of childbearing potential to have a pregnancy test? If so, do you get a pregnancy test before their CT simulation or th...

Published data show a mixed review of late toxicity with adjuvant radiation. What are guiding principles we should use as more patients are getting ge...

For instance, would you treat an anal cancer in someone that has a healing perianal access? What do you look for when considering initiating treatment...

For a patient who has completed 40 hyperbaric sessions with steroids with little improvement, what other options exist?

E.g. breast? I have found no literature on skin tolerance acutely or chronically.

Do people use it interchangeably with DMax or use the 2cmx2cm definition? I often get pushback from the dosimetrists for plans where the DMax is ...

We can always find individual cases from time to time in which the care deviated from the “standard of care” and these can be referred for...

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