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For the management of stage II endometrial cancer, NCCN says pelvic RT and/or vaginal brachytherapy.   Do you ever add vaginal cuff boost to pelv...

How do you counsel a pre-menopausal female with endometrioid cancer desiring definitive RT with egg harvesting and IVF for fertility preservation inst...

MRI and cervical biopsy are negative for cervical involvement 

are there any positive or negative synergies from combined megestrol/RT treatment?

At what point would you introduce the discussion of weight management, whether for risk reduction or overall health?

The NCCN recommends either systemic therapy + brachytherapy or pelvic RT + brachy or brachy alone or observation. How do you decide among these option...

Female in her 60s who had presented originally with well-differentiated endometrioid adeno clinically and radiographically involving bilateral paramet...

For a woman with complete resection of serous intraepithelial carcinoma of the endometrium, would you recommend adjuvant radiation or chemotherapy? Wh...

Current NCCN guidelines suggest that vaginal brachytherapy is optional, and there may be concern for over-treatment locally given competing risk of di...

In what situations is it appropriate to offer observation (rather than VBT) to patients with stage II endometrial carcinoma who have had a radical hys...

http://abstracts.asco.org/199/AbstView_199_180760.html http://abstracts.asco.org/199/AbstView_199_187537.html  

VC brachy, pelvic RT, +/- chemo?  Does your management change if it is confined to the endometrium without myometrium invasion or if it is only ...

For example, in an otherwise intermediate risk localized endometrial cancer (Grade 2, FIGO IB)?

If the post-operative simulation films reveal a significant lymphocele secondary to pelvic lymph node sampling, is it imperative that the entire lymph...

The gyn oncs at my institution sometimes will not perform lymphadenectomy if biopsy indicates low risk disease. Would LVSI as sole adverse risk factor...

NCCN recommends brachytherapy plus or minus pelvic RT for surgically staged Grade 1, Stage II patients, but these originally staged IIB patients were ...

Do you give cuff and chemo or pelvic CRT or chemo alone?

Is there any indication for ENI in early stage disease or in advanced stages, without pathologic confirmation or PET positivity or CT size criteria?

What exactly do you contour and what is your dose constraint to that volume?

Does using something like a vienna applicator allow you to avoid dose escalation with more external beam? How do you recommend doing a classic pa...

Some classic references recommend the coverage of the entirety of the sacrum but the volume delineation guidelines for both seem to only cover the mos...

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