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Conversely: In a patient with N2 EGFR+ NSCLC receiving radiation, would you still consider use of osimertinib?

What was the magnitude of benefit for patients with EGFRm NSCLC by stage?  Are you still considering adjuvant osimertinib for patients with earl...

If patients do recur, do you perform these tests on the initial surgical specimen or on tissue from a fresh biopsy (or both?)

Is data available regarding the percentages of patients in each arm who underwent staging PET or the breakdown of CNS imaging modalities?

Are the rates of adjuvant chemotherapy used in ADAURA consistent with real-world practice?

What parameters do you use to decide to treat beyond progression? Is there any efficacy data from this specific study subgroup in IMbrave150?

In light of the SIRveNIB trial results and now IMbrave150, what is the role of intra-arterial therapy now?

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