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How would the sidedness of the tumor, BRAF, RAS,HER2 or MSI status affect your decision?

Would you use a small cell regimen over a more traditional FOLFOX-esque approach?

Would you use dual agent chemotherapy such as FOLFIRI, combination of chemo with biologic- IRI/Cetux or all 3 drugs simultaneously? How would sidednes...

Given that majority of benefit is derived from the capecitabine, would this be an acceptable option to decrease patient contact with the healthcare sy...

Would presence of features considered high risk in stage II sway your interpretation of the IDEA trial? 

Do you use the same high risk factors as adenocarcinoma when deciding on adjuvant treatment for early stage disease?

In practice, does starting with chemoradiation followed by chemotherapy result in a significant delay in initiating chemotherapy or a patient's abilit...

The German trial included patients with tumors up to 16cm from the anal verge, while the Swedish trial update found no local control benefit for tumor...

Would you approach with curative intent with locoregional treatment or systemic treatment alone?

The NCCN seems to make its recommendation based on extrapolation from colon cancer, but those patients are not treated with pre-op chemoRT.

Has the utility of BRAF in CRC expanded beyond guiding prognosis? Is there a role in non-metastatic CRC?

If a patient with stage II or III colon adenocarcinoma who presents to your clinic 12-16 weeks after surgical resection do you give adjuvant chemother...

Is there a change in approach over the past few years? Would there be a role for the 12-gene recurrence score?

Since some prior subset analyses have suggested that oxaliplatin may not improve outcomes of older patients with colon cancer in the adjuvant settin...

Does the recent Hopkins trial of pembrolizumab change your management of these patients?

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