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To minimize the likelihood of asymmetrical growth, when is it of sufficient concern to necessitate altering planning objects? When planning paediatri...

-The data on induction for adult H&N ca has been mixed (excluded NPX) but recent data suggest a benefit for adult NPX. -Given that this is standa...

When covering with radiation what dose and technique do you favor, electrons, IMRT, brachytherapy, protons?

Some emerging data of improved up front therapy shifting recurrence to CNS as sanctuary site, is focal RT approach (i.e. SRS) reasonable or is CSI a s...

Would you manage this histology any differently relative to other low grade gliomas? Is a STR a definite indication for postoperative XRT?

Assuming it has previously been treated with excision and steroid injections? Is it reasonable to treat a bothersome keloid in a pediatric patient aft...

With the recent publication of multi-institutional trial data, should this now become standard of care?

Would the translocation status influence your decision? Are there specific subsites where elective radiotherapy likely offers a higher therapeutic rat...

Would you consider radical cystectomy equivelant in terms of local control and how do you balance morbidity of radiation with morbidity of non-organ p...

In a patient with high risk rhabdomyosarcoma with significant marrow involvement (Stage IV), who has responded completely on imaging to all known site...

Would you treat this with whole-abdomen RT with a boost? What dose would you recommend? This would be Stage 1, Group 2 (R1 resection), low risk; but l...

Does the St. Jude's Experience (NEJM 2009, PMID: 19553647) provide sufficient justification for routine omission in high risk patients?

Is it recommended in every pediatric patient?  Are there any guidelines for organ-specific surveillance after XRT for children based on age, dose...

For example, if there was a common iliac node, does external iliac nodal region also need to be included? When, if ever, do you include the exter...

Assuming CSF is negative for neoplastic cells would you: Re-irradiate gross disease only? Re-irradiate posterior fossa only? Re-irradiate the entir...

Is there any role for consolidative RT/CRT to the lung and mediastinum after initial chemo? What dose and fractionation would be most appropriate for ...

We often see young women with favorable, early stage disease in the mediastinum who have had a complete response to chemotherapy. With current smaller...

 If so in what circumstances and what margin is acceptable? ACNS 0331 recently showed no difference in outcomes when comparing IFRTboost vs ...

How would you approach a patient with significant extension or metastasis in to the spinal canal?

After ABVE-PC X4 and Ifos/vinorelbine x 2 per AHOD 0831 (and is unable to have these sites biopsied), what dose would you treat to and what volume wou...

AREN0533 schema requires knowledge of 1p16q status, though this test is not available off-protocol. How does this affect management for patients treat...

The more recent NWTS trials do not include these tumors, since rhabdoid are recognized to not be similar to Wilms, and the AREN0321 does not provide s...

It seems that with the arms up, you get better lung blocking but with arms akimbo, you might have a lower dose to the humeral head. 

Scanning beam only machines are being increasingly marketed, it could be problematic if you can't use them to treat the one site which is most appropr...

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