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For example, if the primary breast tumor was HER2 IHC 1+, but a metastatic site was HER2 IHC 0, would you still recommend using T-DXd? Will you chang...

Is there evidence that T-DXd crosses the blood-brain barrier?

Prior studies have shown that there can be significant variation between grading pathologists as to which samples are defined as HER2 IHC +1 versus HE...

Are there any circumstances where use of T-DXd would supercede the use of CDK4/6 inhibitors or other non-chemotherapeutic options?

Specifically, how do you consider T-DXd use in setting of other antibody-drug conjugates (e.g. sacituzumab vedotin)? Are there any special considerati...

If a patient has a painful breast lesion in the setting of rapidly progressing systemic disease treated with weekly taxol (60 mg/m2), would you feel c...

For example, are you more likely to incorporate T-DXd earlier in sequence for 2+ vs 1+? Is there any justification to change our approach in HER2-zer...

In patients with prior perioperative immunotherapy with early relapse, would re-introduction of immunotherapy be reasonable with high TMB? 

What were your “top 3” presentations/studies coming out of the meeting this year and how will it impact your own clinical practice? ...

The FDA recently approved trastuzumab deruxtecan (T-DXd) in the second line setting. Given the results of DESTINY-Breast03, what is now the role of TD...

Would you consider definitive local therapy (surgery, radiation?) if she achieved a good response to initial systemic therapy?

Which regimen is preferred in second line for these patients? What is the efficacy of TDXd vs tucatinib in CNS metastases?    

Would you obtain baseline PFT on all patients or only selected high risk patients? Would you repeat PFTs regularly or only if clinically symptomatic?&...

Given strong TDXd efficacy in these patients is there a role to use it earlier than 2nd line? How does prior Her2-directed and/or taxane therapy...

Patient is young. Bilirubin normalizes when tucatinib is held, but again increases to grade 2 when it is restarted. Evaluation for hemolysis was negat...

Although grade 3 toxicity rates were low, ~10.5% experience some degree of ILD, are there strategies to reduce risk before treatment starts? Are ther...

In which scenarios would you consider a parp inhibitor as the first line treatment of choice? 

Many of the patients on ASCENT trial were heavily pre-treated and require growth factors. With the day 1,8 treatment cycle, is there a way to minimize...

Given seemingly improved efficacy in ASCENT patients who had less prior treatment, would you consider use after only one prior agent rather than two? ...

Are there specific patient cohorts in whom you will more preferentially use sacituzumab govitecan? Can data from ASCENT be applied to patients with C...

The patient previously received endocrine therapy alone and in combination with CDK 4/6 inhibitor. She does not have any targetable mutations on NGS. ...

To what degree do you factor in patient preference when choosing among available treatments? Are there features of each regimen that you emphasize in ...

What about a higher penetrance PV such as PALB2? See JCO OGR 8/2021 by @Mark E. Robson discussing management of non-BRCA pathogenic va...

The patient is treatment naïve and asymptomatic. She also has disease in the body (bone and liver metastases). 

The patient initially received definitive therapy with AC-T and RT to the breast as well as RT to a solitary bone lesion. She has been on AI for the l...

The patient has extensive liver metastases and a high bilirubin. She has not received any prior systemic therapy in the metastatic setting. 

The patient was started on chemoimmunotherapy 3 years ago. Recent scans show small treated brain metastases (s/p RT several years ago) and no disease ...

Patient with T2N1 disease and isolated liver metastases. Axilla and liver completely responded to chemo + IO, but limited residual breast enhancement ...

Patient is on fulvestrant+CDK 4/6 inhibitor and with NED for 5 years. In which cases would you consider stopping CDK 4/6 inhibitor? 

Do you consider placing an Ommaya for IT chemo with methotrexate or cytarabine? Knowing that leptomeningeal carcinomatosis carries such...

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