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Does manipulation of blood products (leukoreduction, irradiated) affect your approach? There is growing evidence that routine premedication (at least ...

In particular, is there any data on the efficacy of Ipilimumab/Nivolumab?

While this is a known risk factor for venous [Meijers et al NEJM 2000] and potentially arterial [Yang et al, Am J Clin Pathol 2006] thrombosis, it is ...

Results of AHOD1331 are not yet known, but adults have started using Brentuximab upfront for high risk patients  

Such as patients who are frail, elderly, renally impaired? Would you consider sirolimus over cyclosporine or tacrolimus for safer nephrotoxicity prof...

How often do you monitor ADAMTS-13 levels off therapy?

For example, do we prefer one regimen over the other in patients with a bleeding history or who have relapsed after a lengthy remission?

NCCN guideline V4.2021 DLBCL page BCEL-3 states stage I-II, bulky >= 7.5cm should be treated with 6 cycles of RCHOP, but most bone lymphoma studies...

Would you plan straight pediatric dosing using 2500 Units/m2 or a cap of 3750 Units as used in some adult ALL regimens due to excess liver/pancreas to...

s/p optimal debulking. If this was an early-stage cancer would it change your adjuvant therapy recommendations?

Would you use ALK inhibitors such as crizotinib based on recent phase II data? Are there any research efforts to combine ALK inhibitors with current ...

Do you prefer a cHL chemotherapy backbone or PMBL chemotherapy backbone?

While thrombophilia testing is not routinely recommended prior to starting OCPs, how about after the development of a VTE?

Would you give a trial of IST first or immediately refer for SCT if the patient has matched siblings?

During the Stimate recall, how are we performing DDAVP challenges for newly diagnosed hemophilia A or von Willebrand disease?

How do you "have the talk" in a way that is straightforward without emotionally crushing the patient?

Specifically, are there strategies you use to 1) empower patients to participate in decision-making and 2) reassure patients who may be skeptical?

What is the lowest level you have seen with uncomplicated or complicated crises?

There are various formulations of intravenous iron; each with varying costs, test dose requirement, elemental dose, and number or time of infusions ne...

There are mixed recommendations about re-testing vs simply waiting for a quarantine period prior to resuming therapy. 

Is there a preferred strategy of transfusional support versus reduced-dose anticoagulation during the duration of thrombocytopenia?

Hydroxyurea is demonstrated to reduce complications and improve long-term outcomes in severe genotypes HbSS and sickle beta0 thalassemia. What clinica...

I have heard <20% MRD. What about proceeding if patient is hypoplastic after chemotherapy?

After optimizing symptoms and reversible factors, and attempting cognitive-behavioral interventions and exercise, do you recommend pharmacologic agent...

Is it at neutrophil recovery, at documentation of CR on bone marrow biopsy, or is there a different point in time?

What if the patient has a history of confirmed COVID-19 but has since recovered?

Discussion of treatment options for midline low-grade glioma causing life-altering symptoms in a pregnant patient to avoid teratogenicity.

At what age would you treat an early stage hodgkins lymphoma patient with ABVD + RT (adult treatment) vs OEPA x 2 or AV-PC x 3 (pediatric paradigm)?&n...

Do you limit it to post-pubertal patients? Do you offer it only if they will proceed with bone marrow transplantation after CAR-T?

Obviously, patient and caregiver preferences are paramount. But, what factors do you consider? Does expanded hospice (e.g., Medicare Care Choices) inf...

How would you approach a patient who is receiving chemoRT but has confirmed COVID-19 with minor symptoms, as breaking treatment for 2 weeks quarantine...

-The data on induction for adult H&N ca has been mixed (excluded NPX) but recent data suggest a benefit for adult NPX. -Given that this is standa...

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