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What if the patient has a history of confirmed COVID-19 but has since recovered?

Discussion of treatment options for midline low-grade glioma causing life-altering symptoms in a pregnant patient to avoid teratogenicity.

At what age would you treat an early stage hodgkins lymphoma patient with ABVD + RT (adult treatment) vs OEPA x 2 or AV-PC x 3 (pediatric paradigm)?&n...

I am considering every 6 week pembrolizumab dosing in patients >70 years old in whom I want to reduce clinic visits for, especially in the context ...

Do you limit it to post-pubertal patients? Do you offer it only if they will proceed with bone marrow transplantation after CAR-T?

Obviously, patient and caregiver preferences are paramount. But, what factors do you consider? Does expanded hospice (e.g., Medicare Care Choices) inf...

How would you approach a patient who is receiving chemoRT but has confirmed COVID-19 with minor symptoms, as breaking treatment for 2 weeks quarantine...

-The data on induction for adult H&N ca has been mixed (excluded NPX) but recent data suggest a benefit for adult NPX. -Given that this is standa...

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