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Have you utilized these gene-expression profiles in your practice? Is there sufficient data for this test to be used for clinical decisions?

Several speakers at ACR 2021 commented on the important role of drug levels in the management of these patients and cautioned against adding medicatio...

If so, how long after phototherapy (eg. NB-UVB) is it safe to proceed with RT? See: Systemic review of phototherapy for pruritic skin disorders

Do you obtain vascular imaging routinely in these cases, and if so, do you use cross-sectional or invasive angiography?

In a patient who would be otherwise fit for surgery +/- adjuvant RT, and the delay is caused by COVID-related OR staffing issues, what would be your a...

In other words, do we think of TNFi induced lupus and TNFi induced psoriasis as a drug effect or a class effect? 

Is there any alteration in approach from the medical, surgical, or radiation oncology perspective that can mitigate the risk of forming keloids withou...

What is the role and sequence of surgery and/or RT? Which nodal levels would you include in your RT field(s)?

E.g., MPO vs PR3, newly diagnosed vs relapsed, renal involvement. Acknowledge that the ADVOCATE study was not powered to detect these differences, but...

What if the patient has MGUS? Do patients with type 1 cryoglobulins need a bone marrow biopsy as part of the work up?

Post-auricular cutaneous angiosarcoma, pT1 (19 mm) with negative margins. Unclear if there is any indication for systemic therapy, given early stage a...

What approaches (surgical vs non-surgical) offer the best cosmesis for keratoacanthoma (low grade squamous cell carcinoma) ? 

Is there a role for radiation? Does your approach differ depending on site(s) of  disease, and/or if the patient has Basal-Cell Nevus (Gorlin) sy...

If so, are there specific patient populations for which you would use this metric?

In general, how would you approach such a case with regards to creation of your treatment volumes and dose-fractionation? 

Would you recommend radiation therapy or immunotherapy? If proceeding with radiation therapy, what dose-fractionation and technique would you utilize?

When do you electively treat the ipsilateral versus ipsi- and contralateral neck?

This particular case involves a patient with a frontal scalp low grade eccrine carcinoma status-post excision with positive margin complicated by...

Would you recommend locoregional radiation therapy or systemic or immunotherapy alone? If you would consider radiation therapy, what would be your rec...

Would you treat the primary site alone, include the hand and arm lymphatics to the epitrochlear nodes (one continious treatment volume from hand to el...

Given the location but no other high risk features would you offer RT?  If so, what dose and fields? 

What pathologic features are most important when evaluating the possible need for adjuvant therapy?

*Negative margins, <1cm in size, no LVI, negative SLNB, not immunocompromised, no prior surgery (as well as a negative PET/CT scan).

NCCN lists only substantial perineural invasion.  What about other high-risk adverse features such as histologic subtype, multiple recurrences, d...

When elective nodal radiation is recommended, which nodes would you treat (i.e. facial, pre-auricular, peri-parotid, levels I-III, etc.)?

Patient underwent a shave biopsy of a 6x5x2mm preauricular lesion that showed moderatley differentiated sebaceous carcinoma with deep and lateral marg...

What dose/fractionation would yield the lowest risk of graft failure? Does your treatment management change based of location, ex the ear vs back?

If so, how large of a margin would you place on the primary lesion and would you incorporate any adjacent lymph node levels?

Following Mohs surgery and in the absence of other high risk features, do you offer RT for any PNI?  A single nerve < 0.1 mm? A single ne...

Would re-irradiation be an appropriate option? What dose/field would you incorporate? If treating with standard fractionation, would you take the enti...

I have seen some patients who may undergo large complex closures (sometimes as a separate procedure) for smaller lesions with resulting scars that sig...

Is modern surgical/reconstruction treatment superior to radiation therapy? If contact brachytherapy or superficial (orthovoltage) therapy isnt possib...

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